6 Ways To Support A Small Business Without Spending A Penny

   1. Follow Them On Social Media

If you are looking for a simple and very inexpensive way to support a small business, following them on social media is where you could start. Social media is taking over which is good for small businesses as their public platform. Giving the business a simple follow will share with your friends that you like a business’ page. Not only does this help the business to connect with you better, but it grows their main audience. So go do it, give those small businesses a follow on social media!

   2. Like/Share/Comment On Posts

A lot like following a small business on social media, liking, sharing, and commenting on posts takes it one step further. When you like their post, the business’ content is more likely to pull up on your everyday newsfeed. This allows you to easily see what the business is up to. Something about sharing a post really helps the business grow. When outside customers share posts of the business, it makes the business look more legitimate and reputable. Sharing posts really gets you connected with the business. Leaving a comment shows that you are interested in the product. It doesn’t have to be a very in depth post, just a simple emoji or “That’s cute!” will do. Doing all three of these things - liking, sharing, and commenting - allows the business to network with other people and businesses. How cool would it be if a business can grow just because of your help?

   3. Refer Others By Word Of Mouth

The number one way to spread news is through word of mouth. With that being said, talking about small businesses to your friends, family, co-workers, or even strangers, helps the business gain speed. It doesn’t take a lot for you to do this. All you have to do is share the business’ name, show them a product, or refer them to something that they may like. It is then up to whoever heard you talking to get in contact with the business. A simple, “Have you heard of XYZ’s business? I think you would really like it!” would do the trick in sparking someone’s interest in the business.

   4. Leave A Positive Review

Whenever people go to order a new product or check out a new website, they oftentimes will read the reviews. Leaving a positive review on their website or social media page really helps the business gain credibility. Facebook makes it very easy to leave a review. A business with 4.5 stars and two reviews already sounds a lot better than a business without any stars or reviews. If you have bought products before, leave a review on that as well. People want to know what they are buying from what they hear from others. 

   5. Add Your Favorite Pieces To Your Wishlist

If you don’t feel like buying anything but still want to check out the website, add your favorite items to your wishlist or cart. The business owner can see the items you selected which then in turn helps the owner decide what items are most popular. The more you do to select your favorite items, the better off the business will do. 

   6. Sign Up For Their Newsletter

A great way to stay “in the know” is to sign up for a business’ newsletter. Signing up will allow you to receive the latest news - deals, discounts, updated posts - all to help you know what the business is currently doing. It gives you a reminder to check out the business. When the business owner sees that you have signed up, it helps them to grow their audience. 

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